Edsbro hembygdsförening is a local heritage society in Edsbro, that was formed in 1934. The aim of the association is to work for the district's past, present and future.

Edsbro hembygdsförening has a physical area where most of the events that the society organizes (like the midsummer celebration) takes place - Åsavallen. Houses from the district have been transported to this area with the intention to preserve and display them and the history that they represent.

One of the houses dates as far back as 1651 and there's also what's probably the only preserved spinning wheel lathes shop in the country.

Since Edsbro hembygdsförening is a non-profit organization, all the income goes towards maintaining Åsavallen.

You can become a member or donate to us at BG 591-7836. The prices for membership is 125 SEK for a individual membership or 225 SEK for a family membership.


Edsbro hembygdsförening sells journals if you're curious about Edsbro's history. The prices range from 60 SEK for the issues of "Tillbakablick" (Flashback) from before 2010 and 80 SEK for issues released after 2010.

Edsbro hembygdsförening also offers the book "Edsbro - historia och historier" (Edsbro - history and stories), which is sold for 150 SEK.

The association also sells necklaces in the shape of miniature versions of a sword from the preiron age that was found in the district, for 600 SEK. The original sword is kept at Statens Historiska Museum.